How To Attract And Keep The Best People In Procurement

How to attract and keep the BEST people in Procurement. Great Buyers have always been a rare breed.

Unique mix of capabilities, drive, motivation and ability to work under enormous stress are hard to come by (think cracking supply chains during current pandemic). How can you attract them and make your organization flourish? How can you grow them and make them satisfied so that they stay for good? Join us and find the tricks of trade applied daily by some of the best procurement managers from a variety of industries!

Some topics that will be covered during the webinar:

  • How do you define the BEST buyers?
  • Why is it so hard to find great buyers on the market?
  • What are the alternatives to headhunting? Can you turn people you already have in BEST buyers?
  • When you finally have your dream team, how can you sustain it? What are the monetary / non-monetary means to keep great people in?
  • Can you automate / delegate this process? What is the role of procurement leaders in building and keeping a great organization?



Mariusz Turek

Partner, Profitia

Experienced consultant and project manager of procurement. He has ten years of experience in strategic consulting, especially in the area of ​​procurement optimization and business process improvements.

His consulting experience gained in working for leading management consulting firms - Kolaja & Partners, Deutsche Post Inhouse Consulting and AT Kearney. He worked successfully on consulting projects in Poland, Germany and Lithuania. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and the prestigious study program CEMS Masters in International Management.

Area of ​​specialization includes the optimization of the cost of procurement, construction organizations and procurement processes, restructuring and integration after the merger. The projects in which he was involved, brought together more than PLN 200 million confirmed, sustainable purchasing savings.



Head of International Business Development at CIPS

Karolina Tarnawska

CPO and Procurement Director, Żywiec Group (part of Heineken Group)

Jarosław Rosiński

Procurement Director, Cersanit