CAPEX Shopping, or How to Buy Well for a Specific Project?

The term CAPEX refers to capital expenditures used by a company to acquire, improve and maintain physical assets such as real estate, plants, buildings, technology or equipment.

  • What do we mean by investment purchases (CAPEX vs. OPEX)?
  • What are good purchasing practices for CAPEX expenses?
  • How to prepare well for the purchase of CAPEX?

We will answer these and other questions in the ZAKUPOWER webinar dedicated to CAPEX purchases.


Wiktor Rak


Business advisor with specialization in modernization of the purchasing function. Over 13 years of professional experience in implementing projects in the enterpriseBiographygovernments and public institutions. A Procurement expert operating in an international environment, combining the world of purchasing with business awareness with clear examples of continuous improvement and increasing the efficiency of business processes. A thorough consultant who skillfully combines close cooperation with clients with building value for them.

Krzysztof Soltys

Krzysztof Soltys


Professional experience in the public and private sectors as a buyer in the field of public procurement, strategic project manager and consultant