In a world of constant change in customer expectations and the desire of companies to reduce inventories and shorten delivery times, classic tools for managing the flow of materials and goods, based on the MRP (Materials RequirementPlanning) concept, are no longer effective.

It's time to go a step further.

In today's business environment, the DemandDrivenMRP concept is increasingly being successfully used, which allows for a sharp reduction in working capital while improving the value of key performance measures in the area of ​​purchasing and logistics.

We are the first in Poland, as the exclusive representative of Demand Driven Technologies, to offer a tool that has been successfully implemented in many foreign enterprises and can accelerate progress in managing your supply chain.

We offer free analysis DDMRP and trial use period Replenishment+® focused on the purchasing aspect of your supply chain.

Our analysis offer DDMRP will show:

  • What benefits will you receive 
  • How security works DDMRP
  • How you can implement quickly DDMRP i Replenishment+® in your supply chain

Trial period of use Replenishment+® he'll let you:

  • Test DDMRP i Replenishment+® in a production environment
  • Confirm expected benefits
  • Be sure that DDMRP is the best solution for your company!