New Cips Qualifications Exams

From the new year, CIPS will introduce changes to the examination process regarding the CIPS Qualifictions program. Changes to the scope of the exams, as well as their form, will affect the first two levels for now.

From January 2019, exams at Certificate levels (level 2 and level 3) will be written on computers. This will allow us to increase the frequency of exam sessions - there will be as many as 6 of them per year: in January, March, May, July, September and October. The electronic form will allow you to check the exams faster and provide additional information along with the results.

The new Certificate level exams will consist of closed questions (abcd test, choice list or drag and drop questions). The scope of individual stages will also change. Level 2 and 3 syllabi are available on the website CIPS:

CIPS Level 2: Certifıcate in Procurement and Supply Operations - Syllabus

CIPS Level 3: Advanced Certifıcate in Procurement and Supply Operations - Syllabus

Each level has a specific number of credits that must be obtained by passing exams to pass the level. Exams, just like before the changes, will be divided into mandatory and optional. For level 2, you must pass 5 compulsory exams, to pass level 3 - 4 compulsory exams and 1 of 2 optional exams.

Importantly, exams already passed under the old rules are recognized and transferred. Transfer tool will help you determine which exams you still need to pass if you are in the middle of the exam process.

The change to the examination format for Diploma levels will come into force from July 2019. CIPS will publish new syllabuses and examination details for them at the end of January. Next year's May exam session will be the last under the current rules.