We improve procurement processes generating significant savings.


Purchase optimization

For many years we improve our customers' processes and procurement organizations generating significant savings.

Purchasing tools

We advise on selecting the best methodology and purchasing tools and we help our clients in their implementation.

Consulting shopping for Public Procurement

Our experts assist in the effective conduct of proceedings in the framework of the Public Procurement Law.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

We have built a new purchasing model based on the world best practices in purchasing.


About Profitia

Batna team

We are consulting company specializing in the area of procurement consulting.

What sets us apart from others is the combination of strategic perspective of flexibility in business cooperation.

For nearly 10 years we successfully implement projects using the knowledge and experience gained through cooperation with leading Polish companies.

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cipsChartered Institute of Procurement and Supply is the largest global organization consisting of professionals from the area of purchasing. The most important goal as a non-profit organization is to improve the knowledge and purchasing competence for its members - both individual as well as corporate.

From June 2014 we are the sole partner of CIPS in Poland.

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In PROFITIA we declare that we share common values. They allow us to better integrate as a team and present our customers with a consistent, clear image of the company.


Successfully we combine experience with strategic consulting with knowledge of the purchases, gained during many years of working with clients of different branches of the public and the private sector. This allows us to offer the best quality advisory products and solve the most complex business problems of our clients.


We are not satisfied with standard, "off the shelf" consulting products. To ensure our clients a sustainable growth of the company's value, we develop and implement innovative solutions together with them. Thanks to our experience and cooperation with an international network of academic and industry experts, we are able to provide a new perspective and an alternative approach.

Integrity and ethics

In daily contact with customers we use a clear code of conduct that allows us to control the changes in the difficult and turbulent business environment. We demand from us and others to obey highest standards in ethics, and also we make sure that the quality of our products and processes is as high as possible.

Results orientation

Our activities are focused on improving the performance of our clients, not the production of documents - in the latter, we honestly admit, there are many consulting firms better than we are.

Profitia Statistics


Number of Top 10 Polish largest companies that we are working

50 bn PLN

The volume of purchase expenses of our Clients

2 000

Number of our merchants

>500 mln PLN

The volume of saving generating for our Clients

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About Profitia


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  + 48 22 350 90 91
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